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Erik Payne

My name is Erik Payne. I apprenticed under Russel Myers at Electric Dragon Tattoo which at the time was the one and only shop in Boise Idaho from 1986-1988. After his incarceration I ran the shop by myself for several years. Upon his return, I departed. I have owned Inkvision Tattoo since 1990. In 1999 I took my one and only apprentice Travis Berg, a great drawer, solid tattooer, and tactical joker who twelve years later is still my right hand man, visual adviser and life coach. His dedication to his craft motivates me daily.

I came into tattooing and my apprenticeship like a lot guys my age from the local punk rock scene, doing fliers, record covers, painting jackets, and drawing tattoos for my friends. I was also influenced by my love of underground comics in general and Greg Irons, Jack Jaxon, Rand Holmes and Robert Williams specifically. I still remember the first Tattoo magazine I ever bought, with Bill Loika on the cover and an article on Greg Irons. I’m sure some of you know it.

Most of the tattoos we do at our shop are on the larger side, and we are fortunate to have a lot of return clientele who understand what makes a good tattoo. Tattooing is an unregulated industry where I live so from one shop in the eighties to over thirty in the phone book this year, we endeavor to persevere.

I get to do a lot of larger pieces both oriental and occidental, monochromatic and polychromatic, religious and sacrilegious. I get to work every day with three great tattooers; Travis Berg, Mike Wiensz, and Kendall Vader. I love my job.


Travis Berg

Travis Berg has a bold, distinctive style of tattooing deeply rooted in the art forms classic styles. His work is easily recognizable by the high contrast balance of black and his choices of color, and his line work which flows smoothly yet also strikes the viewer with its action and movement. His paintings are dark and elegant, and conjure a sense of welcoming doom and beautiful torment. Come see him for the coolest tattoo you'll ever have, or to buy a painting that will make your living room feel like the Devil's weekend getaway home. 


Mike Wiensz


I've been tattooing in Boise for the last fifteen years. I enjoy doing small, simple tattoos just as much as the larger, more elaborate ones. Whether you want color or black and gray, or even a simple line drawing, I'll treat it with the same respect I would for a sleeve or back piece. I really enjoy Japanese style tattooing, old school American, and just plain weird stuff, too. I do a lot of cover up and repair work, and I really like taking someone from tears to glory. I've had plenty of old, bad tattoos covered on myself, so I know firsthand how nice it is to be rid of that stuff. No matter how big or bad your old tattoo is, come see me before you black it out or just resign yourself to  wearing long sleeves for the rest of your life. Follow me on instagram @mike_wiensz_tattoo  for a more frequently updated look at my work, drawings and sketches I'd like to tattoo, and to see short videos that better capture the way sleeves fit and flow around the arm. Thank you. 

Kendall Vader

Kendall Vader has taken the next step in his tattooing career and opened his own shop. He'll be open on Halloween 2018 at his new shop Born Weird Tattoo at 1713 Broadway Ave here in Boise Idaho. You can contact him there at 208-342-2428 or email him at kendallvader@gmail.com. Find him on Instagram @kendallvader or @bornweirdboise. If you made an appointment with him here it's still on, but the tattoo will be done at his new location. He'll be contacting his appointments to make sure everything goes smoothly. We wish him all the best, and have had a great ten years working with him.



Travis Berg's Palm Tattoo 1

Travis Berg's Palm Tattoo 2

Erik Payne's Back Piece #4

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